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Jeremy Miller

9 November 1979 - 27 May 1995

Photo of Jeremy Miller's panel on the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

For more detail, a high-resolution version of this image (about 5 times wider than shown above) is available for download here. Broadband is recommended - file is big (9.47 Mb).

This panel forms part of Block 15 of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt.


From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays

Jeremy's Quilt was designed and made by Katrina Miller (Mother) with the help of -
Adam Calje (Quilt Co-ordinator, Christchurch)
Timothy Miller (Brother)
Elizabeth Miller (Aunty)
Colleen McKay and Theresa Stevens (Christchurch Haemophilia Society)

Nape Nape
Jeremy's favourite family holiday spot, with great surf cast fishing, bush walks, frog pond, seal colony, clean air and night-time by candlelight.
Jeremy last visited Nape Nape with his kitten Sabbath, 2 months before he passed away.

Jeremy had a great variety of music. He liked it soft and gentle or with a beat and sometimes loud!

Hand and footprints
The hand and foot prints are of Jeremy's close cousins, especially wee Daniel whom Jeremy named. Jeremy and Daniel are buddies forever.

Jeremy will always be our brave wee soldier that battled and fought with courage and the heart of an army.

Timothy's panel
Tim's panel represents Jeremy's love of sports, the occasional beer and smoke, and the places that we were able to visit as a family.

I discovered this picture after Jeremy's death. It was dated 21/02/95. It was to be his last picture coloured. It was copied in its original colours that Jeremy used. The bow tie was Timothy's.

Main photo
This photo was taken in1990 when Jeremy and Eve launched the Kiwi Kids With AIDS Trust at Auckland Zoo.

These were requested by Jeremy for his funeral. He loved them. On his birthday and anniversary the family write on and release the balloons for him to catch.

Class of '95
Jeremy's class mates were both loving and supportive, and a very special part of his life.

The rainbow is the story I created for Jeremy so he wouldn't be frightened dying. The rainbow was for the angels to visit us. The moon, to watch over us and the angels. The purple rain in heaven, a safe place that one day we will join him.

When and where possible, Jeremy loved fishing. it could be on the Avon, Lyttleton wharf, or Nape Nape. Even if it rained.

Ward staff
The ward staff are special people that made the hospital bearable. Some will always be considered friends. The bond they shared with Jeremy is a special gift.

The photos are Jemm's love of motorbikes, especially his four wheeler, which we all have many special memories of the times shared with it.

Jeremy was a special gift to us all with a strong will and a determination, crazy sense of humour filled with laughter. He never complained even when in intense pain. We love and miss him dearly more than words can say.


If you knew Jeremy and wish to add your memories to this page, or wish to remember a loved one with a strong connection to New Zealand who has been lost to AIDS, you may do so on this page.

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