Adrian James Morris

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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

Adrian always seemed a very special person, even when he was very young. He could talk and charm people of all ages and was really quite irrepressible and mischievous. Like the time he tried to give his father a haircut with a wind-up car, which tangled and nearly scalped him instead!!

He could make people laugh so easily and often. I know he did me many, many times and I do miss that so much.

His talents were many, from dancing to creating lovely clothes – which became his career.

He loved people and travelling, which he did quite a lot of. He was very sensitive and caring about people and their feelings, and could be very wise and serious as well as humorous.

He certainly enriched our lives and still does by the many happy memories and lovely friends we know because of Adrian.

He was very brave and independent during his illness and was still driving his own car just two days before he died. Yes, he was very determined and in control of his life until the end.

We love and admire you, Adrian, and you will always make us smile. Yes, you were very special!

Mum and Dad and all the family.

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