Audio History of The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

Below, in no particular order, are some audio recordings in relation to The Quilt. Most are taken from the Pride NZ web site.

Click on the audio icon to the right of the description to play in your browser, or right-click to download the MP3 file.

The Gifting Ceremony in St. Matthew-in-the-City, Sunday 29 April 2012. The whole of the Gifting Ceremony where The Quilt is formally handed over to representatives from Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand in Wellington. The ceremony lasts for approximately 57 minutes. Play MP3 File
Cleve Jones, founder of the NAMES Project, talks to Ian Kember in 1991 about the quilt; which was first unfolded on 11 October 1987 in Washington DC. The NAMES Project in the United States is the first Quilt project to be created and Cleve created the first Quilt. This recording was made by Ian Kember on 26 June 1991 on Market Street, San Francisco (possibly at the offices of the NAMES Project). Ian recorded the interview for the Gay BC radio programme in Wellington, but also deposited it with the New Zealand AIDS Quilt, allowing it to be heard more widely. The interview lasts a little over 10 minutes. Play MP3 File
Michael Bancroft Michael Bancroft, the Guardian of The Quilt, talks about the history of the quilt in New Zealand. The recording was made in June 2010 and runs for almost half an hour. Play MP3 File
Sarah Guthrie (pictured left), collection manager for Te Papa, and her colleague, history curator Stephanie Gibson pack the last two blocks of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt for transport to Te Papa. The recording was made just after the gifting ceremony in Auckland at St Matthew-in-the-city, Sunday 29 April 2012, and runs for just over 12 minutes. Play MP3 File
When The Quilt was received at Te Papa on 3 May 2012, Michael Bancroft and Nicki Eddy gave a presentation about The Quilt. This is the audio from the presentation and lasts for 26 minutes. Play MP3 File
Nicki Eddy Nicki Eddy and her daughter Megan reflect on the quilt panel they made for Robin – Nicki’s brother.  The recording was made just after the official gifting ceremony of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt to Te Papa – National Museum of New Zealand, 3 May 2012 and runs for 24 minutes. Play MP3 File
Stephanie Gibson, History Curator at Te Papa Stephanie Gibson, history curator at Te Papa, talks about the process of Te Papa becoming the guardian of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt. The Quilt was gifted in a ceremony at Te Papa on 3 May 2012. The interview lasts for nearly 19 minutes. Play MP3 File
Te Papa textile conservator Rachael Collinge and textile conservation volunteer Anne Williams talk about the process of preserving the quilt panels. The conversation lasts approximately 38 minutes. Play MP3 File
Kevin Jensen Kevin Jensen reflects on taking the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt into the community, and designing the quilt website. The recording was made just after the official gifting ceremony of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt to Te Papa – national museum of New Zealand, 3 May 2012, and lasts for 17 minutes. Play MP3 File


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