Alex French

27 February 1960 - 25 January 1994
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:


The Quilt for Alex French was made by friends and loved ones of Alex. It depicts some of the things Alex loved during his life.


The ‘koi’ (Japanese carp) was always a fascination to Alex for its tenacity and beauty.

The cat ‘Caesar’ was with Alex for the last ten years of his life and was his favourite of all his pets.

The blue background signifies the sea which Alex loved, and the flowers and birds are a representation of his love of nature.

The whale was a contribution by Alex’s business partner and his wife and has special significance for them.

Japanese Business Communications (JBC) is the translation company Alex set up on his own and which was truly his crowning glory.

Hence, the Quilt shows some aspects of Alex’s life which, although short, was memorable.

Alex served on the Quilt Project Management Policy Committee between January 1992 and August 1993.


These thoughts come from some close friends in France:

Looking for you on the web, we reached that sad death notice 🙁


Once we became friends, in Whangarei, where Yannick my bother became your friend and so did I. You came to spend a stay to us in New Caledonia, a good souvenir of a very nice friend. You loved French, as your surname. We shall always keep you in our hearts.

We are sorry so many years have gone passed before finding you, life is so inequitable! We are so sad. Rest in peace Alex.

Love Fabienne Yannick and Gauthier family. Lots of love to your family and friends too.

Added February 2012


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