Dermont, Paul K. and Johnathon

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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

Dermont, Paul K. and Johnathon were all good friends of my brother (Robin Murie). Two of them were New Zealanders, all passed away in Sydney, Australia.

I believe that my brother would have created panels for each of them, had he been able. However, due to his deteriorating health, this was not possible.

When I created a panel for my brother, I felt it was important to create this other one for his friends, and sew them next to each other, so they would forever be joined in friendship and love. The Quilt has enabled this to happen.

I didn’t know these friends in a personal manner. Knowing their likes and dislikes would have enabled me to create a more personal panel for them. So what I have done is used candles with burning flames to symbolise Remembrance, Love, and yes, Loss. Like an eternal flame, they will never be extinguished.

What more can I say?

With love,

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