Gavin James Timperley

8 April 1956 - 12 March 1989
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

He was the fourth and youngest child in our family. Over the years he gained many true friends from many walks of life, young and old.

Gavin loved music and spent many hours at the piano, at roller skating and ballet. He was also fond of flowers and gardening and was a very able cook.

He grew to be a caring, gentle man who loved life, and worked hard and successfully with enjoyment, at his chosen profession in the administrative side of the insurance industry.

As a family, Gavin taught us what courage is about and what love means. We remember his patience with and wonderful kindness to, Gaye, his intellectually handicapped sister, who adored him. I remember his charity to one whose words had hurt him.

Despite his illness, Gavin kept his sense of humour, with always a smile for everyone.

As his mother, I shall always remember his love and friendship and count as precious the time we had together.

Memories are always with us, happy times, funny things, sad things – they are to be treasured.

Gavin left us, released from pain and at peace, with a legacy of love and friendships which we value.

Finally, thank you to those responsible for the New Zealand Quilt Project. We thank you for the opportunity to celebrate Gavin’s life in this way. May the Quilt help in giving understanding to New Zealanders, and also love and hope to all people living with AIDS, their families, partners and friends.


Gavin’s mother has also provided us with this photo of Gavin taken in October 1988.

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