Jamie MacRae

9 February 1965 - 7 October 1992
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:


Jamie had told his mum he didn’t really want a panel created, and she was not to do it. However, this was not said with conviction. Friends decided to create a panel for Jamie, alleviating the onus from his mother. Helen, his mother, helped by supplying information on colours, and so on.

Helen chose the colour red for his panel as it was his colour. The name in tartan ribbon for his Scot ancestry, and also for the Royalist Jamie was, as the tartan is that of Royal Stuart.

A friend, Audrey, purchased the scotch thistle brooch. She had been the main support person for Jamie and his mum.

The Tudor roses were created for two reasons. Firstly, the space looked blank without something there. And secondly, the roses could again be for the Royalist in Jamie, but red can be for love and the white for spirituality. Jamie studied theology and knew his teachings inside out.

Jamie was an only child and an epileptic, which made him and his mother very close.

Remembered and missed more every day.

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