Paul David Kettle

21 March 1944 - 24 June 1989
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

As a child, Paul won lots of singing contests at Annual Music Festivals, and progressed to musicals and acting as he matured. He loved to be outdoors, gardening, landscaping and so on. He was passionately fond of opera and movies. He also competed successfully at horse events from a young age and was very capable of coping with anything artistic.

The Quilt represents some of the things we shared together in the short time I knew him or found him again.

The centre fish pond represents a memory of the one he built for me one Christmas. The elephant represents a china one he gave me, the palm trees at a garden in Sydney for his oldest friend, and planted one a year. Daisies he would never mow over when they were in flower. He always tied balloons to the trees for a Mardi Gras effect, for barbecues he used to have.

I have really enjoyed making the Quilt.

With love from Jose (Paul’s birth mother)

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