22 October 1951 - 1 May 1991
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

The below was shared with Te Papa and this site by Raymond Ututaonga, R.J.’s relative:

R.J. stands for Reginald Joseph: his full name is Reginald Joseph Ututaonga.

The horse represents his love for all the horses he had especially Boy, who was a favourite.

The bus and bach represent where he loved to go and is in a small rural area called Waiomio. I also stayed there as well every so often (still stands there today up on the hill next to State Highway 1).

The hills behind the bus are supposed to be the hills looking straight out from the bus on the other side of SH1 (Range Road).

The hibiscus plant, I think it is, but that flower represents his love for Tahiti as he spent time there.

The Māori designs and Pacific designs represent his love for his culture and the Tahitian culture.

The rainbow…there’re quite a few meanings.

The dates of when he was born and when he passed (22 October 1951 – 1 May 1991).

This panel was drawn by our family members, who at that time were probably in their teens and primary school.

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