Robert Payne

9 December 1950 - 22 February 1994
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

“He comes sailing on the wind, his wings flashing in the sun, on a journey just begun, he flies on.”

Robert loved the colour blue and it was no surprise that he asked us to make him a quilt with that wonderful deep rich colour of the sea and sky. Nature’s colour.

He also wanted the symbol of peace – the Dove. He was at peace when he died and his spirit is now free to fly on.

Three symbols of flora represent his three homes:
The Hibiscus is his childhood – Fiji (where he was born)
The Bush Wattyl is Australia and his chosen country
The Fern is New Zealand – his family and his final home (he died in Auckland)

These images are a true reflection of his passion for the wonder of nature. He loved tramping, he loved the mountains, he loved thunderstorms and the rain and the sea.

Robert lived to travel. The Mountains of Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, America, Australia and New Zealand are all sewn into his Quilt and his life. The little Morrie Van was a faithful steed.

A natural man, a lover of music and the arts, a realist, unquestionably honest and sincere. Our brother, our friend.

Made by his sisters Lucy, Janet and Margaret, and his dear friend Lois. November 1994.

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