Robin Thomas Murie

2 May 1958 - 20 May 1991
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

I created this panel for my brother, Robin Thomas Murie, for many reasons. To help deal with anger directed at the extended family who weren’t there for him on his “coming out”, who wasn’t there to help and support him through all his AIDS-related conditions, but were all at his funeral. I couldn’t understand.

I wrote the ‘corny verse’ and read it at his funeral. I was trying to tell them he had the same ups and downs as the rest of us, he was never any different. Sure, he drove me crazy at times, but he was and will always be my baby brother; someone very special, someone I will always love unconditionally.

The colour blue, for one of his favourites.
The floral fabric in forget-me-nots, forget him I never will.
Flowers, how he loved flowers.
The little rainbow for hope, for his eternal peace.
The silver and blue braid, just to give him a little glitter because he loved a little glitter in his life.

He was certainly one of the world’s gentle people and I will miss him until we meet again.

Nicki Eddy
His ever loving sister

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