Russell Robert Purves Wells

1948 - 1989
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

We would like to thank Russell’s younger brother, Peter, for sending us this information about Russell’s panel.

This panel was made by my mother Bessie, myself (Peter) – Russell’s younger brother – and Alexa Johnston, a close friend of Russell’s. The material was a beautiful brocade which I thought expressed some of Russell’s joie de vivre. The symbols mark out things like his love of antiques, his role in the legal profession, knowledge of Maoritanga. Russell was my elder brother by two years. I wrote extensively about this charismatic brother in my memoir ‘Long Loop Home‘ and the documentary film based on it, ‘Pansy‘.

He influenced a younger generation of chefs and cooks. He was an ace cook of Elizabeth David recipes and Ray McVinnie and Alexa Johnston learnt from Russell – his flair, sharp taste, nonacceptance of second-best and demand that things be ‘just so’.

Like anyone he could be irritating, demanding and difficult – but his flair for life was so extraordinary he changed the lives of people around him.

He died at 41 and my mother and I often wonder what he would have achieved if he had lived longer.

Russell Robert Purves Wells -1949-1989.

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