‘The Seasons of Life’ panel

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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

Wayne Berryman and Colin Aitken designed this Quilt in honour of every person affected by the destruction of AIDS. The Quilt was made to symbolise the Seasons of Life, as in Rune symbols. With each symbol, Wayne offers his own personal meaning.

image of rune “To me this symbolises all men and women, the human race, Life.”
image of rune “This to me is nature, forces which do damage – damage to all things and people around us.”
image of rune “This is the Rebirth, the change, the ability to start again after Life & Death have gone their way.”
image of rune “This is the Sun, the light of Life, but the Sun can also bring life to an end.”

“I have not as yet lost a loved one to AIDS. I made this Quilt for all those who have lost loved ones to AIDS. Also to all those men, women and children whose life is with a man and whose spirit is with God.”

Wayne Berryman

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