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This Panel is still to be joined to a Block of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt.

In 1998, The Quilt Project received this letter from Ross. As far as we can ascertain, it refers to the Warren depicted on this panel.

Dear Warren,

I never got to know you all that well, partly due to the fact there was 12 years between us, and partly because our homophobic families thought it best we didn’t. So by the time I was old enough to make my own decisions in life, you had already departed. Needless to say, I would have like the opportunity to have known you better.

Why? Because as a young, gay, teenager, I needed answers to questions, someone to share thoughts with, and talk about life in general. None of which I could have possibly discussed with my parents – as they were unaware of my sexual identity at that stage. Therefore, as we were the only members (who could honestly be called ‘Family’), I looked up to you as though you were a guiding light through my years of darkness.

Working on your Quilt this past year, has been a truly up-lifting experience. Initially, when I first began, I would often have an overwhelming need to express my emotions, usually in a flood of tears. Then slowly, as the Quilt started to take shape, I found the tears subsided to make way for a deep sense of pride.

It was then I felt your presence enter my life, not only all around me (like a soft, luxuriously warm, woollen blanket on a cold winter’s night), but felt as though you actually reached out and touched my very sole.

Now, as the Quilt nears completion, you and I both know it is time to say our final farewells, as I feel your spirit is fading. I thank you for giving of yourself these past 12 months, and wish you all the happiness the universe and beyond has to offer. I will think of from time to time, as I did in my younger years, however (as I am sure you are aware), I am no longer in the darkness, being overshadowed by others’ prejudices and fears. I too have found true happiness.

With all my love,


Added May 2012

Trevor Doig sent this message


I remember you well from the early 80s and remember spending a lovely night with you in 1980. I was very sad to hear you had passed.

You were a lovely talented young man who was taken too soon – you made a very important contribution to the NZ dance world and will never be forgotten by many, certainly not me.

RIP sweet Warren until we meet again.


Trevor Doig xoxox

Added January 2014

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