Eve Van Grafhorst

17 July 1982 - 20 November 1993
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

Our Quilt depicts Eve’s normal childhood days of when she had no pain, no boxes of pills and medicines to take and only some understanding of the deadly disease that was in her body. This time was from when she moved to New Zealand through the few years that followed.

The photo shows all. This smiling face was seen every time we saw her. She had a smile and giggle for everyone and anyone, for those that took the time to say ’hi’, and also to those who tried to stay out of her way and scowl at her – she liked everyone.

The most precious memory I have of Eve that overrides all others, is when I was at work one day standing outside discussing the window display with the area manager, when I saw Eve and Gloria. When Eve saw me she let her mother’s hand go and ran towards me with her wonderful smile lighting up her face. As she reached me, she opened out her arms and jumped up into mine. A big, loving cuddle followed. That moment will be with me forever.

I can only be glad that Eve did have the chance to be a normal, happy little girl for just a short while. I know that some terminally ill children don’t often get the chance and my heart goes out to those.

See you with a big smile in our thoughts and dreams, Evie.

Love you,

Aunty Karen, Uncle Paul and cousin, Amanda.

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