Eve Van Grafhorst

17 July 1982 - 20 November 1993
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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

Within our panel we, as Eve’s friends, have portrayed the images and philosophies of life that were so important to Eve.

The pastel wash represents the calmness and tranquility that Eve faced her life with and that she shared with all of those around her.

The koru design represents the aroha that Eve shared with all of her whanau, friends and extended whanau.

The rainbow colours depict the many different shades of love the Eve shared with all of those around her. Rainbow’s also represented a vision of hope for Eve throughout her life.

The angel represents Eve as she is now. She is a beautiful guardian angel that will always watch over those that she cares, loves and hopes for.

The ring of stars represents the gateway to the spiritual world that Eve held so dear. To become an angel and get her wings was one of Eve’s greatest wishes.

Well, Evie, you have succeeded in your dream. Take your wings and sour as high as our love for you will take you, because our love now represents the wind beneath your wings.

We love you, Eve, with all of our dreams and hearts.

Kia kaha


Dana, Timothy, Biddy, Jode, Cathy, Toni, Debi, Suze and Caroline

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