For Those Loved and Known

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From the stories folder that accompanies The Quilt to displays:

What a special time we have had creating this panel for all those people we have worked with over the years. All very special, all unique, all loved and remembered.

Their names are recorded on a piece of paper which sits inside the koru.

Many of them were gay so we incorporated the pink triangle into the screen printed border.

The background represents the four quadrants of every individual – spiritual, physical, emotional, mental – and reflects our strong belief in the necessity to focus on ‘wellness’ as a holistic concept, unique to each individual.

The rainbow koru reflects the ongoing cycle of Life/Death/Life.

With our love,
Joe Kelleher, Jean Stewart, Keith Stuart, Elaine Frew and Christina Jeffery of the Burnett Clinic (the NZ AIDS Foundation’s (now Burnett Foundation Aotearoa) support and counselling clinic in Auckland), and Judith Ackroyd, Helen Anderson and Jill Jackson of the Community AIDS Resource Team (of the Auckland Area Health Board)

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