Stuart Mace

1954 - 15 December 1991, aged 37

Jeffrey Alan Fortune

3 April 1966 - 9 November 1995

Richard Michael Noonan

25 September 1961 - 25 February 1992

Ian George Vile

Tom O’Donoghue

3 June 1954 - 28 September 1994

Ian Thompson

1951 - 1994
Block image is made up of images of the individual panels placed in their correct position on the block, so seams, edges etc. may not line up correctly.

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Panels in this Block

Panel Name Life Years Panel Link
Ian George VileView Panel ›
Ian Thompson1951 - 1994View Panel ›
Jeffrey Alan Fortune3 April 1966 - 9 November 1995View Panel ›
JonoView Panel ›
NicholasView Panel ›
Richard Michael Noonan25 September 1961 - 25 February 1992View Panel ›
Stuart Mace1954 - 15 December 1991, aged 37View Panel ›
Tom O’Donoghue3 June 1954 - 28 September 1994View Panel ›
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