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Loved Ones remembered on The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

This is an alphabetical (by first names) of those remembered on the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt.
By clicking on their name, you will be taken to the page with their panel on it. If they have more than one panel, they are all listed together (with relevant links) on the same line.
Where someone has a panel that gives their nickname as well as their name, both are listed separately, with their name in brackets after the listing of their nickname.
Some panels are for several people. In these instances, all the names are linked and the panel name is also given. In the case of those on the World Block, the link will take you to their individual star, with the image of the whole block being near the top of the page.
A few panels are for no individual in particular, and these are also listed at the end of this list under the name the panel is often referred to.

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A…. (on “Touch Panel”)
Adrian Morris (panel 1)     -     Adrian (panel 2)
Alan (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)
Alan Gunderson.
Alan Stirling (Al)
Alastair Hall
Alex French
Alison Gertz (on World Block)
Alistar Hall (on World Block)
Andrew Carter
Anthony Perkins (on World Block)
Archie (on “Touch Panel”)
Arthur Ashe (on World Block)
Arthur Bressan Jnr (on World Block)
Arthur Tauhore


Bill (William Foster)
Bob (on “Touch Panel”)
Bob Warren
Brad Davis (on World Block)
Brendan Pole
Brett (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)
Brett (on “Touch Panel”)
Brian [1] (on “Touch Panel”)
Brian [2] (on “Touch Panel”)
Bruce Burnett (on World Block)
Bruce Chatwin (on World Block)
Buddy (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)
Buddy (David Richards)
Dr. Buddy Brandt


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Charles (on “Touch Panel”)
Christopher Goddard
Craig Haywood ('Paris')


Darren Horn (on World Block)     -     Darren Bruce Horn (on “Touch Panel”)
David (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)
David (Oz) (on “Touch Panel”)
David Richards (Buddy)
David Wood (on “Touch Panel”)
Deane (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)
Denholm Elliott (on World Block)
Derek Jarman (on World Block)
Derek S.
Dick Sargent (on World Block)


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Eddie Thompson-Shaw
Elizabeth Glaser (on World Block)
Eve Van Grafthorst (on World Block)     -     Eve Van Grafthorst (panel by her family)     -     Eve Van Grafthorst (panel by an uncle, aunt and cousins)     -     Eve Van Grafthorst (panel by an aunt, uncle, and a cousin)     -     Eve Van Grafthorst (panel by cousin Lynette)     -     Eve Van Grafthorst (panel by Nana and Great Aunty Dianne)     -     Eve Van Grafthorst (panel by Eve’s friends)     -     Eve Van Grafthorst (panel by Eve’s school class-mates)


Freddy Mercury (on World Block)     -     Freddy Mercury (Fredrick Bulsara)     -     Freddie Mercury
Frank (on “Touch Panel”)


Garry (on “Touch Panel”)
Gary James
Gary F. Armiger
Gary Keith
Graham Chapman (on World Block)
Grayham Kenneth Haste
Greg (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)


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Halston (on World Block)
Howard Ashman (on World Block)


Ian A.
Ian Charleson (on World Block)
Ian Thompson (on World Block)     -     Ian Thompson
Ian George Vile
Ian Williams


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Uncle Jack
James Henry Keefe (Jono)
Jamie McRae
Jeffrey Allan Fortune (panel by his friends)     -     Jeff Fortune (panel by his family)
Jeremy C. Miller
Jhon Baker
Joe Cheek
John (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)
John (on “Touch Panel”)
John Chorlton
John Eade (Noddy)
John McCall
John Meilink
John Nash     -     John Nash (on “Touch Panel”)
John Wardle
Jono (Jonothon O’Keefe)


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Keith (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)
Keith Harring (on World Block)
Ken (on “Touch Panel”)
Ken Beale
Kevin Todd
Kimberly Bergalis (on World Block)
Kirt (on “Touch Panel”)
Kombo (on “Touch Panel”)


Leigh Teirawhiti Ransfield
Lew Pryme (on World Block)
Liberace (on World Block)
Lynn (on “Touch Panel”)     -     Lynn


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Marc Bensemann (on World Block)
Mark (on “Touch Panel”)
Maurice (on “Touch Panel”)
Max Navarre
Mervyn (on “Touch Panel”)
Mervyn Jefferies
Michael and others
Michael Bennett (on World Block)
Michael Callen (on World Block)
Michael Foulcault (on World Block)
Michael Hansen (on “Touch Panel”)
Michael Hay (on World Block)
Michael J
Michael Jelicich (panel by his friends)     -     Michael Jelicich (panel by his mother)
Miles Davis (on World Block)
Murray (group panel by Waikato Volunteers)
Murray (on “Touch Panel”)
Murray Hammington
Murray Howson


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Neil Costelloe
Nepia (on “Touch Panel”)
Neville (Oz) (on “Touch Panel”)
Neville John Thomson
Nick Edwards
Nick (Nicholas) Hay
Nigel (on “Touch Panel”)
Nigel Barraud     -     Nigel Barraud (on World Block)
Noddy (on “Touch Panel”)     -     Noddy (John Eade)
Noriyasu Akase (on World Block)


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Paddy (Patrick Tahuparae)
Patrick Cowley (on World Block)
Patrick McGregor
Patrick (Paddy) Tahuparae
Paui Nopera (Paul Noble)
Paul K.
Paul Kettle
Paul Noble (Paui Nopera)
Perry Ellis (on World Block)
Peter (Oz) (on “Touch Panel”)
Peter Allen (on World Block)
Peter Cockburn
Peter Cuthbert
Peter Edginton
Peter Swainson (on “Touch Panel”)
Peter Taylor (on “Touch Panel”)
Phillip Bailey


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R…. (on “Touch Panel”)
Ray (on “Touch Panel”)
Ray Sharkey (on World Block)
Rex Pekin
Richard L. Christie
Richard Noonan (on “Touch Panel”)     -     Richard Noonan
Richard (Ricky) Trevino Valdez
Rick (on “Touch Panel”)
Ricky Wilson (on World Block)
Robert Maplethorpe (on World Block)
Robert Reed (on World Block)
Robin M.     -     Robin Murie (on “Touch Panel”)     -     Robin Murie
Rock Hudson (on World Block)
Roderick     -     Roderick Horn (on “Touch Panel”)     -     Roderick Horn (on World Block)
Rodger Wright
Roy     -     Roy Ormsby (on “Touch Panel”)
Roy Cohn (on World Block)
Rudi (on “Touch Panel”)     -     Rudi Ten Have
Rudolph Nureyev (on World Block)
Russell Warnock-Davis
Russell Robert Purves Wells
Ryan White (on World Block)


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Sam Crowe
Shane Austen Reid (panel on Block 11)     -     Shane Austen Reid (panel on Block 16)
Spring (on “Touch Panel”)     -     Spring
Stephen Allan Ballantyne
Stephen Hayter
Steve Maxted (on “Touch Panel”)
Stuart Ashworth
Stuart Mace
Sydney (on “Touch Panel”)
Sylvester (on World Block)


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Tina Chow (on World Block)
Tom McLean (on World Block)     -     Tom McLean
Tim O’Donoghue     -     Tom O’Donoghue (on World Block)
Dr. Tom Waddell (on World Block)
Tony Chase (on World Block)
Tony Richardson (on World Block)
Trevor (on “Touch Panel”)


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Vito Russo (on World Block)


Walter Edward
Warren (The Wah)
Wayland Flowers (on World Block)
William Neil Foster
Willie Smith (on World Block)


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General and other unidentified (by name) Panels

3 anonymous from Dunedin
Anonymous child
for a son
for a brother
”For Those Loved and Known”
Megan’s Panel for All
”No Tears in Heaven”
”Procession of Hope”
"Remembering New Zealand Women"
"The Seasons of Life"
”Sharing the Challenge”, also known as the “Signature Panel”


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